September 2007 Archives

DNS status

We deployed the new DNS system to 4 out of the 5 nameservers. We have several new systems that volunteers have offered ready to be setup, but no time to configure and test them yet. Hopefully it will be done within a week or so...

We've noticed an issue with the new system that it seems too eager to send traffic to the high bandwidth systems rather than the low-bandwidth ones. I am looking into it, although not with too much urgency as none of the high-bandwidth server operators have gotten more traffic than they can handle.

More Meinberg equipment donated!

On hearing how many people had sent in applications for the equipment giveaway our friends at Meinberg offered us some more equipment!

For diversity from the GPS units the extra 3 systems will be DCF77 cards (PCI or PCI-Express).

Since DCF77 only works in Europe we're planning to give them out there and then pick hosts in the rest of the world for the GPS units.

Also - in particular one of the locations having offered to host the LANTIME server is ideal as a future home for the pool system in general, so the LANTIME (also donated by Meinberg) that I'm currently using will also be sent out (location to be determined).

NTP Pool Weblog

I've setup a weblog for posting news about the NTP Pool project. This will be much nicer and hopefully make it easier to get slightly more frequent updates. The old process had me updating the list of news by editing HTML on the site (or rather, edit in my development copy, commit to subversion and then run the deployment to the site).

I've "imported" all the old news into the weblog and soon I will update the main site so it pulls the recent news automatically.

Three awesome news items today:

1: We're announcing the great Meinberg GPS time equipment giveaway. Over the next months we're (thanks to Meinberg) giving away thousands of dollars worth of high quality time-keeping devices.

2: We got a brand new design and layout on the pool site! Many more updates are coming.

3: The pool is the default ntp service in several of the big Linux distributions (Fedora, Debian, RHEL, CentOS and many more). For this reason we really really need more servers to help with the traffic. Hopefully the equipment giveaway will help on this. Please mention it in your weblog or wherever else appropriate.

On a related sidenote we've started alpha-testing a new system for distributing traffic to the servers more evenly and with much less "spikes" in the traffic.