May 2008 Archives

NTP Pool on

Most people don't know, but the NTP Pool web site and monitoring software is actually licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.

I did that to make it easier if at some point the community decides that my stewardship of the NTP Pool isn't good enough. Since installing the pool site doesn't make much sense other than for development I don't make ordinary releases, but all the code is available in my public subversion repository.

On a somewhat related note the project has an entry on ohloh. If you are an open source contributor and haven't seen that site before, you should give it a look.

NTP Pool in your language

I've been adding support to the NTP Pool site for translations again.

Before I took over the site it was translated in a bunch of languages, but as the site got dynamic features and more pages we lost that. Now it's back!

If you are interested in helping then send me a mail at Experience with gettext (".po") files or Locale::Maketext lexicons and with version control (Subversion specifically) will be helpful, but if you are willing to learn then it isn't required.