December 2008 Archives

New pool server code released

This morning I pushed the latest version of the NTP Pool Server code to The news are:

  • Runs on the code from the git repository

  • Translations are back! The end-user portions of the site is now available in English, Dutch and French.

  • Partial IPv6 support (thanks to Martin von Löwis). More about this in the next post.

  • Apache 2 / mod_perl 2 support - this makes it much quicker to setup a development sandbox.

  • Various bugfixes.

1000 servers in Europe!

We hit another milestone in the last few days with 1000 active servers in Europe!

Now of course we need to get more servers added so we don't slump below that number again - right now the number is 999. Who will take us back over 1000? :-)

Growth in North America have practically stalled on the other hand; we could use more servers there too (and as always in Asia, South America and Africa, too).