www.pool.ntp.org is ipv6 enabled

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If you are IPv6 connected, the www.pool.ntp.org site will now be delivered to you via IPv6.

I did tests on a hundred thousand visitors to the site and nobody who could connect with IPv4 had trouble talking to a site with both "AAAA" and "A" records. The test only included users with javascript however, so it could still miss appliances, older boxes etc. More tests are needed to make the pool.ntp.org service "ipv6 enabled".

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May I suggest the following plan:-

* Make sure the NTP monitoring computers have functioning v6 connectivity.
* Update the database structures to be able to store information on both v4 and v6 NTP server addresses, (and, if necessary, fix dns zone generation tools to IGNORE the new v6 servers listed).
* Encourage your ntp hostmasters to start submitting their ipv6-addresses.
* Update the NTP monitoring tools to start monitoring the v6 servers, too.

* Then, Setup the system to provide separate DNS entries:-
pool.ntp.org (A records only, NO change from at present, yet)
v4.pool.ntp.org (A records only)
v6.pool.ntp.org (AAAA records only)
v4v6.pool.ntp.org (A and AAAA, 'dual stack', try to provide 50% each A/AAAA)

* Then, encourage testers/users to start testing the "v4v6"/"v6" pointers.

* Then, in future, as appropriate, change "pool.ntp.org" to act the same as v4v6.pool.ntp.org .... It can be swapped-back if necessary, and "v4.pool.ntp.org" will be available for rare problem-cases.

p.s. Independently of the above, you can start providing AAAA / IPv6 connectivity for your ntpns DNS servers. This should not be a problem, it has already been done to root/TLD servers. This does NOT relate to providing A or AAAA records, both can be carried over either underlying transport.