June 2011 Archives

Continuing IPv6 deployment

World IPv6 Day is over, but we'll continue to serve AAAA (IPv6) records for 2.pool.ntp.org (and 2.europe, 2.fedora, 2.debian, etc).

So far no problems have been reported, even the servers going through IPv6 tunnels seem to work fine.

We already have almost 200 IPv6 servers in the pool; though that's less than 10% of all the pool servers and they're mostly in a handful of countries versus the wide deployment we have for IPv4.

The pool system is tracking, but not yet showing separate stats for IPv6 servers by default. (You can however "hack" the graph URLs to show them by adding -v6 to the file name, for example the European counts.

You can see the growth in IPv6 servers available in the pool on the zone pages.

While the system is rebuilding some internal statistics, monitoring of some of the IPv4 servers in the pool have been suspended. They'll be reactivated in about 6 hours. All servers with IDs below 8500 are being monitored again after a break of a couple of hours.

In addition all IPv6 servers are being monitored now and are slowly increasing their scores for inclusion in the "2." pool!

Experimentally enabling IPv6

If you are following the pool mailing lists you'll have seen that the last days have carried a flurry of activity as new code for IPv6 support (and distributed monitoring) has been tested on the "beta pool" site.

June 8th is World IPv6 Day where many sites small and big will enable the IPv6 protocol for the day to help test everyones IPv6 readiness.

Here at the NTP pool we are today enabling monitoring of IPv6 servers; and over the next 12 hours we will start in a limited fashion to serve AAAA (IPv6) DNS records to clients asking for them. Right now the pool site is enjoying a brief break while the new code and database updates are being deployed.

For now this will only be on the "2.pool.ntp.org" zone; but unlike Google, Facebook and most other sites we are not planning to turn this off again on June 9th.