NTP Pool News

The NTP Pool needs more servers

The client base for the NTP Pool continues to grow, so we also need to increase the number of servers. Being a “public utility” of sorts (you likely use it for some computer or device in your house, office or both even if you don’t know it), we need help from, well, the public. At least the particular kind of public who is running a server or two with static IP addresses and know how to configure a new daemon on it.

There are several thousand and new ones are added regularly, however from natural attrition the total number of servers have been stagnating or even going down lately, even in Europe. Some countries still have very good coverage (Germany for example), but many others really could use more.

In Asia virtually all countries could use more servers, even or maybe in particular Japan, China and India. In South America there are virtually no servers outside Brazil.

Iceland recently joined the pool as a “full [zone”; so far just with two servers.

More servers in any country are very welcome, but in particular in the countries with sparse coverage it’ll be great to get more.