NTP Pool News

Server upgrades at ntppool.org

Over the last couple of months we had a couple of the “central servers” fail. It hasn’t caused any service outage for the NTP clients, but some of you might have noticed that the manage NTP Pool site has been sluggish at times.

A few months ago I bought a few new servers and sent them down to our friends at Phyber Communications who wired them up in their hosting facility. Over the last weeks I’ve added puppet declarations to configure them and since earlier this evening they’re in production for the web sites and a few other services.

I have a long road map for the NTP Pool system and many of the items involve processing and storing more data to make our system better. The new servers are going to be helpful for that.

My other project for the months have been upgrades to the GeoDNS server to support EDNS-CLIENT-SUBNET.

It has been live for users of Google DNS for a while. We’re still working out some kinks with the OpenDNS folks to get it fully enabled there.